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Mother Nature has No Tolerance for Our “Lactose Intolerance”

Good thing we humans do not have to answer to Mother Nature. It would be hard to explain that we have diagnosed a HUGE problem with humans being “intolerant” to “lactose.” She’d be like, uh, yeah, you aren’t supposed to eat or drink that stuff! DUH!

I thought that you humans would catch on when I put the “straws” to that “lactose” on the mother cow, just a few inches from where the baby COW was formed! I even put them on the BOTTOM of the cow so only BABY cows would be able to easily reach them. I even made it come out SLOW so that the BABY cows could handle it! I didn’t know that I needed to put a sign up in the fields for humans to recognize this! Geeze! At least COWS are smart enough not to go track down humans and try to take away the milk that they need for their HUMAN babies.

Oh, and it’s making you “fat” and clogging your arteries? Yeah, I made it really high in fat so BABY cows could grow fast and be safer in the wild! You don’t see any two-year-old cows drinking that stuff, now do you!? OF COURSE NOT! They instinctively know that it would make them fat and unhealthy and instead eat a grassy plant-based diet. But not humans, they need to be told! This is almost as hard to explain as…. Oh, never mind. I need a vacation…

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