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Vegan Is Elementary is a 501(c)(3) national Non-Profit Organization led by Dr. Dada (Casey Reinl) and his nine-year-old daughter, Eleu Vegan. Founded in 2019 with the aim to reach kids during their formative elementary school years, our vision to to provide every elementary school in America with at least enough of our books for their school library, and as many as possible with enough books for an entire class, an entire grade, or the entire school.

At Eleu's request, Casey used his skills writing rhyming children's books to make fun, motivational vegan children's books. Under the pen name "Dr. Dada," the series was launched with the first two entries in 2019: "Why Is Eleu A Vegan" and "RevELEUtion," which are available on Amazon. Eleu's video versions of these books can be viewed on  YouTube or on this site.

How We Started

Casey & Eleu were out on a nice long run in December 2018 while training for the OC Half-Marathon when suddenly Eleu got a repulsed look on her face and said "What is that disgusting smell??!!" When Casey told her it was coming from the fast food restaurant on the other side of the street, Eleu immediately demanded that we do something to change the world. Having been raised by vegan parents on a plant-based diet since he was born in 1986, Casey simply accepted that this was the way the world was. Eleu did not. And so Vegan is Elementary was started.

Let’s reach kids In their natural state
BEFORE they’re told eating animals is great.
Let’s give THEM the choice to be peaceful and kind,
BEFORE cruelty and killing are stamped in their mind!

Kids love animals, it’s easy for them to see
that kindness is so simple, it’s elementary!

Kids are the key to a vegan majority.
We’re here to show them to make it their priority.
Kids truly can step up and lead.
We give them the blueprint, a cruelty-free creed!

Mission Statement
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Our Books
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