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The Last Frontier of Barbarianism – Corn on the Cob!

Unfortunately, lots of bad things exist before they are stopped. If any of yesterday’s terrible ideas were “invented” in 2019, all of us good people would make sure that they were thrown in the dumpster! Seriously, if it didn’t already exist, no good person would “invent” an oppressive government. Nor would they “invent” senseless war, genocide, or slavery. And likewise, they would not “invent” eating animals.

Just imagine that you were happily sitting at a picnic table with your healthy family pleasantly eating a pure, plant-based good-hearted and guilt-free meal when all of a sudden a group of guys decided to go into the forest to find and kill some animals, rip and cut their bodies apart, cook the “meat,” cover it with seasoning, slap it on the table, and declare that “dinner was served!” They would be rightly called barbarians. All of us kids would be crying and scarred for life that our animal friends’ bodies were laying on the table for us to eat.

It is 2019. there are vegan restaurants, vegan options, vegan alternatives, and vegan cookbooks everywhere you look. If you really want to pretend to be a cave man, go to the Halloween Store, find yourself a caveman loin cloth costume, grab some corn on the cob, cover it with salt and pepper – skip the napkins of course – and chomp away like a barbarian! Just leave the animals alone.

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