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Dr. Dada Books -- "The Vegan Dr. Seuss"

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"Why Is Eleu A Vegan?," "RevELEUtion," "Everybody MEAT the Coronavirus," and "Eleu: The Seven-Year-Old Vegan Half-Marathon Runner" are the first four books in the Eleu Vegan book series.  All Dr. Dada books are available on Amazon (. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO VEGAN IS ELEMENTARY.  CLICK HERE.

In "Why Is Eleu A Vegan?," Eleu explains why she is a vegan and that animals are not ours to harm, eat, or wear! This story addresses the supposed “needs” of meat and milk and debunks common misconceptions about vegan foods.
In "RevELEUtion," Eleu leads a second-grade revolution to create a future vegan world for all of humanity!

In "Everybody MEAT the Coronavirus," Eleu educates kids about how COVID-19 and many other diseases, including HIV, the common cold, swine flu, the avian flu, SARS, Ebola, MERS, mad cow disease, typhoid fever, leprosy, and anthrax, came from humans eating meat and bothering animals in the wild and explains how there would be no such problems like the one humans faced in 2020 if everyone was vegan.

"Eleu: The Seven-Year-Old Vegan Half-Marathon Runner" -- The fun telling of Eleu's running journey from getting pushed in a stroller in her first days of life to her completion of her first half-marathon at the age of seven. Fully plant-based since birth, Eleu shows that vegans can do anything.

"Eleu & The Amputrees" -- With so much concern in the world today about the effects of climate change, Eleu explains to the next generation that the number one thing that kids can do to help the planet is to be a vegan.

"Gently provocative and passionately engaging. Vegan children's books that hit the issues head-on in an optimistic, energizing tone. Thought-provoking on THEIR level."

Eleu Vegan's fun and inspirational videos can be viewed on this site or YouTube!
Buy from Amazon!  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO VEGAN IS ELEMENTARY. Or better yet, become a school sponsor!
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