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Everybody MEAT The CoronaVirus!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

By: Dr. Dada & Eleu Vegan

Hi, I'm Eleu, and they cancelled my school. They say it's unsafe and that's the new rule.

All theaters are closed. And the playground too. Not even restaurants can serve me or you!

They cancelled my play. They cancelled my sports. Now I spend my days at home in my fort!

Lots of our parents have lost their jobs, with no social fun, everything has STOPPED.

So how did this happen? How did this start? I though we humans were supposed to be smart.

“Again and again, we keep getting beat by diseases that come from us eating meat! And bothering animals out in the wild. This is NOT news even to a child."

This time it was bats that people were chewing. But whenever meat is involved, trouble is brewing!

This is the worst pandemic in a hundred years. And many are dying causing so many tears.

But in the last century humans just haven’t learned, diseases come from the animals and we keep getting burned!

All of these problems have one thing in common: And a vegan world would quickly solve it!

Eating Primates gave humans HIV and Ebola too -- let’s not make it three!

Cows gave us measles in exchange for that cheese, and the VERY SCARY Mad cow disease!

Pigs gave us swine flu a decade ago that swept through world like a horror show.

But Meat-eating continued despite millions of cases. It’s like our memory quickly erases!

Perhaps the worst is that from chickens. Bird flu’s killed millions with many more sickened…

It couldn’t be much more clear and yet BILLIONS of chickens are killed each year.

And they gave us back the avian flu and Typhoid fever, just to name two.

SARS plagued the world two decades ago but our human response was just too slow!

It spread and scared us but we didn’t pivot. A disease that came from the animal: civet.

And then rose MERS which came from camels and gave the Middle East all it could handle!

And here is something most do not know: leprosy came from water buffalo!

Even anthrax came from wild animals, and then became a WEAPON -- a global scandal!

The common cold came from horses and birds. Let’s leave the wild alone, and stick to OUR herd!

With us humans, improvement is sought. Now let’s change our primitive thoughts!

The answer is simple for us human mammals -- Stop eating each and every animal.

These types of diseases never come from fruit! Or nuts or seeds, or vegetable soup!

But now even if you still aren’t sure there is vegan meat that can be your cure!

With beyond meat and impossible foods you no longer have to decide or choose!

You can prevent the torture and slaughter and also protect everyone’s sons and daughters,

grandparents too, and moms and dads from pandemic disease driving us mad!

Let’s make this experience a POSITIVE one, so we don’t have to shelter inside away from the sun!

© Casey Reinl 2020

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